Vocational Training Of DDP

SIM Bangladesh sees vocational training as a basic for improving the future prospects of the new generation. Skills training is essential for upgrading the prospects of the individual and thereby of the work force.

In five centres around the country, SIM provides a variety of vocational training opportunities. Computer training in English and Bangla word processing, Excel, photo editing, and internet usage is now basic to any office employment. Tailoring of women’s and men’s clothing can provide personal income or open a door to higher level employment in the garments industry. Electrical, refrigeration and air-conditioning skills can be applied in nearly every home and office around the country. Much of this training is provided by our Human Resources Development Project (HRDP).

SIM Bangladesh is proud to make a life-changing impact by providing vocational training to hundreds of people each year.


SIM Vocational Training

SIM Vocational Training