Project background and its activities

We have realized that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has come a long way in its 6th and partial 7th Five Year Plan. This education program is an incarnation of the scheme to work as an ally of the government to implement the government’s objectives for the welfare and development of the people. Our objectives are in line with the development, philosophy and goals of the 7th Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh.


Class Time

This program of primary education and post-class coaching will be conducted for poor people living in the past, villages and cities, who live in slums or in very ordinary environments and live away from educational institutions.
– We will provide for long-reaching education with coaching system for poor children in the in-laws and better primary education in 5 years.

– We will provide better primary education to 1610 rural poor students.

– After 5 years, we will do research to discover the best educational methods for urban and poor children to overcome poverty.

Sustainable Development for all. The main objective of the project is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and to create a life-long education.

Our aim and objective are to ensure that all boys and girls grow up in quality development and care from the very beginning of childhood, including pre-primary education, as the foundation of primary education by 2030.

The first education for all was the millennium goal. One of our studies showed that 92% of students are enrolled in the 1st grade, but after the 1st year, 10% of the children fall and 45% of those who do not study till class 5. Our study also found that children do not go to school at a higher rate, especially in the general and slums of the city. It has been observed that those who started studying in schools in villages later came to lower areas or slums in the city and stopped studying.

The primary objective of the project is to act as an ally in taking forward the progress made in the implementation of the 7th 5th Anniversary Plan of the Government. Through this project, we are working towards removing barriers to child education, illiteracy and income growth. In our schools, mainly slum dwellers and children from lower or poor families get access to education. We want to give a second chance to children who haven’t yet gone to school or stopped going to school. Our aim is to have these children go to other regular schools or learn from educational places after we have been educated. We have done our schools in slum areas because there is a lack of good schools in these places and the fees of many schools are very high which parents of children living there cannot afford. Basically we-
1. This education scheme is especially aimed at providing education to poor children.
2. Providing vocational training thinking about widows, poor families.
3. Coaching people from poor families through senior post-graduates to leave behind boys and girls.