Transformation Center North West Dhaka

We have realized that the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has come a long way in its 6th and partial 7th Five Year Plan. This ‘Transformation Center’ is the incarnation of the West Dhaka project to work as a partner of the government to implement the government’s objectives for public welfare and development. Our objectives are in line with the development, philosophy and goals of the 7th Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh. The distinguishing feature of SIM is the inclusion of skilled and experienced domestic and foreign workers in their respective fields in all the development activities of the organization. Through these trained foreign workers, the organization can maintain integrity in achieving its development goals as well as playing an effective role in achieving the long-term development goals of the government. Our work is to work at the doorsteps of experienced people through the ‘Transformation Center’ West Dhaka project in the area. The work of each program will identify the main needs of the people of the area first and are playing a role in improving the quality of life of the person by improving the personal skills of the experienced people. We are conducting a few programs below to implement the objectives of the 7th Five Year Plan of each program or center. All the work undertaken by this project is done by S.I.M. Work is being done to increase the economic, social, social status of the people and moral development of the people by organizing in accordance with the principles of the constitution and donor agencies of Bangladesh, moral and values and complying with the local laws of Bangladesh. Below is a description of the content of our work:

Primary Education: We are working to provide opportunities to the students who have dropped out, used to study in the village, but stop studying in Dhaka, work and roam around, and the extreme poor people living in the suburbs, who live in slums, to study for the second time. In the future, they can continue to read.

Coaching classes for weak students: To arrange coaching for children who do not understand studies well in the class and are weak in the class. Through these coaching classes, work is done to increase the quality of their education.

Vocational Training: Through this program, the youth and women are to improve the quality of life through tailor and sewing training programs and make them self-reliant. Their status in the society should increase. We are working towards this goal. So far, the 4th batch has been completed. The 5th batch will begin.

Electric: We have a plan to teach electric work to children who don’t work, move around, stop studying, and have completed fifth grade from our school so that they can be self-reliant. They can live with dignity in society.

Community Health: Health awareness, disease prevention and primary health treatment activities are carried out to the people of the work area. Free medical camps were arranged. Distribution of free worm tablets 2 times every year.


Speech Therapy: Children who are neglected and disabled in the society are served through speech therapy so that they can increase the dignity of the society and communicate with everyone.

Spoken English Training: This project is conducted to train the participants of the course to speak English language as the need to speak English in the country’s government businesses, children going abroad, or industrial factories is increasing day by day. All English courses of SIM will be conducted by teachers whose mother tongue is English. That’s why our Spoken English course in Bangladesh is impeccable.