SALAM Training Center (STC)

Mechanical training Projects by Local name SALAM Training Center (STC) to train disadvantaged young man to become productive members of their families, fellowships, and communities and Country. Bangladesh governments have a plan for unskilled people to make skilled. Their result becomes beneficial for both people and for the country. This is accomplished through vocational training that results in marketable skills for all graduates, and through moral training that results in transformed lives of integrity, service to the communities. A new batch of 20-24 students are admitted every year and course start with a four trade’s together beginning of the year.

Although the Center is located in a large industrial suburb of Dhaka city, the students are encouraged to return to their home areas to practice their new trade. By training young underprivileged men who would have found it very difficult to gain a trade skill, STC is bringing hope to many families across the country of Bangladesh. The main areas of focus are currently Motorcycle Mechanics and Electric Wiring.

STC was started in 1980, and since its inception has equipped 350 young men with mechanical and technical skills.


Drawing Class Ongoing
Practical Class for Motor Rewinding